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Frequently Asked Questions

The duties of the Access Hawaii Committee are to oversee the activities of the State of Hawaii’s official Internet Portal Manager, Hawaii Information Consortium (HIC). HIC provides all necessary hardware, software, portal infrastructure, administration, payment processing, and other services necessary for operation of the Internet portal. See more information about the AHC at

The Portal Program Manager functions as a vendor relationship manager to assist the Access Hawaii Committee with its Legislative mandated duty of providing oversight of the portal provider. See more information about the Portal Program Manager at

This website allows users to search for and download contract documents between the State/Counties and Hawaii Information Consortium such as Service Level Agreements (SLA), Statements of Work (SOW), and SOW Amendments.

All Service Level Agreements (SLA) are available as well as Statements of Work (SOW) that have been executed from 2018 onwards. SOWs executed prior to this date will be added as the documents are digitized.

We are currently digitizing all paper documents and some may not be available on this website yet.

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